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TasselTurn Founder Shanté Elliott speaking with a youth.

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Shanté Elliott

"At the age of 13, I hit the lottery. I received what all children in the foster system long for: a forever family. With this family came educational stability. Throughout my pursuit of education, I’ve benefited from many coaches along the way: Mrs. Spearman, encouraged me to embrace my love for reading; Mrs. Laute, coached me in my first national oratory competition; and finally the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program staff, helped me to become the first in my family to graduate college and pursue a doctoral degree at Northwestern University. Education remains the greatest weapon to change the trajectory of one’s life. And this is why I started TasselTurn — to change the lives of vulnerable youth in the foster system. I am no anomaly. I recognize that all youth in care will not hit the lottery the same way I did, however, I am certain that all youth in care can win BIG with educational attainment and coaching along the way." 
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